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Hero League: Outpace Your Rivals and Win Awesome Rewards!

Do you want to be crowned grand champion in a thrilling tournament and have your abilities tested to the fullest? An all-new PvP event – Hero League – is coming soon to League of Angels III, the third and latest turn-based MMORPG from GTarcade’s LoA series. Players can compete with other rival players for special titles, tons of rewards, and ultimate bragging rights. Read on to find out more about Hero League. [Read more>]

Yoozoo’s Era of Celestials Pulls in over 300,000 Pre-registrations

Pre-registration for Yoozoo’s upcoming game, Era of Celestials, picks up steam with exclusive rewards on offer as the global release approaches [Read more>]

Summon New Battle Pet Incendrost in Resource Tycoon

It’s time to take the new battle pet – Incendrost with you to the battleground. Incendrost is a strong dragon with terrifying appearance. He is good at attacking enemies at their back with fire and frost magic, which makes it hard to comprehend his enigmatic dual nature. The Roaring Flame and Piercing Frost can work perfectly together to generate a greater damage to your enemies. His mischievous purple eyes may give you a hint where he comes from and how he got the ability... [Read more>]