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Cookie Richtlinien

Last modified on: May 20, 2018

1. What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of information stored as a text file on your web browser. Your personally identifiable information, information about your preferences and other information will be recorded in a cookie and stored on your computer, mobile phone or other electronic device. We may use other similar means and methods to provide you with better services and easier access to our services.

2. When We Use Cookies

We use cookies when you have a GTArcade account, or when you use GTArcade products (including our websites and applications) or other websites and applications through which you access and use GTArcade products. Cookies are used to enable GTArcade to provide you with GTArcade products and understand the information we receive about you (including your use of other websites and applications), whether or not you have signed up or logged in.

3. Types of Cookies Used

3.1. Essential cookies

This type of cookie is essential and can decide whether or not you can use the essential services provided by us, including accessing websites that require you to verify your personal permissions and paying for games. If you disable these cookies, we will be unable to provide you with many crucial services.

3.2. Performance cookies

We use this type of cookie to analyze your use of our services. These include, but are not limited to, the placement of advertisements and the non-repetition of pushed content (to avoid pushing repeated content to you by analyzing your cookies). We use this type of cookie to record any problems experienced by you during your use of our services so that we can resolve them.

3.3. Functional cookies

We use this type of cookie to understand your choices when we provide services to you, which allows us to provide you with more personalized products and sites that are more suitable for your use and improve your user experience. These may include language, time zone and currency settings.

3.4. Targeted advertising

We use targeted advertising cookies or similar technologies to identify your personal preferences and recommend you advertisements that may interest you. We also use similar technologies to measure the effectiveness of advertisements and reduce the impact that repeated advertisements have on you.

4. Why We Use Cookies

We use cookies and similar services to improve your experience with our services. They are used mainly for the following purposes:

  1. To authenticate your identity (to identify the sites and services that are accessible to you);
  2. For security purposes and to maintain the integrity of our websites and products (to protect the security of your account data and prevent possible data threats);
  3. For advertising, making recommendations, performing effectiveness analyses and measurement purposes;
  4. To provide the features and services of our websites, and
  5. To enhance performance.

5. Where We Use Cookies

We use cookies in the following channels and sites:

  1. GTArcade products (web and desktop clients);
  2. other GTArcade games, and
  3. other products that use GTArcade products.

6. How Third Parties Use Cookies

In certain circumstances, third parties may use cookies for our products in order to provide you with services which are associated with our services. For example, third parties may use cookies to record the content or advertisements you click on in order to analyze the effectiveness of such content and provide you with content that is more interesting to you. We do not control these cookies. If you would like to disable third-party cookies, you need to adjust your settings on those third-party websites.

7. How You Control Cookies

To learn how to control your cookies, see http://www.allaboutCookie.org/manageCookie/index.html

If you disable our cookies, some of the services we provide to you will be unavailable or affected.