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10 best VR games coming in 2017

2017 is the year that we’ll see big name developers get in on the VR act, bringing with them big name titles along with the budgets and expertise that comes with that. Any lingering thoughts of the Nintendo’s ill-fated Virtual Boy be banished, and this is the year you get to play Fallout 4 in VR.

The secrets of VR interactivity and gameplay possibilities have barely been explored. And this is where the dreamers and experimenters within the indie industry working on headsets such as the Razer OSVR (OS there stands for Open Source) will come in. Smaller developers with even smaller budgets will be where to look for games that aren’t just console ports of FPSs, and so on.

2017 is also when VR is going to become coupled with new controllers such as the Oculus Touch devices. Comprised of two rings, one on each hand, buttons are pressed at logical places along the ring allowing you to pull a trigger or make a thumbs up. So with all that to come, let’s crack on with the titles we’re most looking forward to.

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