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Firefall Went Offline For Two Weeks In December

If Firefall went shut down for good right now, would anyone notice? The answer to that is apparently, “not really.”

Cruise over to the Firefall Reddit and you’ll notice topics from last month titled “Officially dead now?” and “RIP Firefall.” Dig into the various doom-and-gloom threads and you’ll see people talking about the game and website being down for 15 days, corresponding to Dec. 7-22. Even when it came back up, some players were having issues getting past the character screen and some zones were online while others weren’t.

This is the only post on the game’s Facebook page since May. Its Twitter and news section on the website have been similarly silent since May.

We all know Firefall’s in trouble; it’s been that way for months. Still, it seems a little shocking to me that the game basically died in December and it didn’t make any of the typical news rounds. The next time it goes offline, it might not come back — the question is, how long will it be until anyone but the hardcore fans on Reddit notice?