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Survarium New Year Dev Diary Reveals Plans To Modify Anomaly System According To Player Request

With 2016 having come to an end, the folks over at Volstok Games have, of course, written up a developer blog highlighting everything they’ve accomplished over the past year and what they hope to achieve in 2017. In the brief rundown of things done in 2016, the post notes advancements in PvP development, the introduction of a new graphics renderer for low-end PCs, and improvements to performance and stability. It also highlights innovations made to weapon modules, Artifact Hunt mode, tactical supplies, and more.

Granted, the developer of the free-to-play game got a lot done in the last year, but devs can’t sit back and just enjoy what they’ve managed to do if they want to build a good game. So, of course they have plans for the future. In 2017, Vostok plans to re-balance weapons and gear, making them more clearly defined and easier for players to understand. Plans are also in place to add co-op missions and give players a bit more than traditional PvP to participate in.

Of special note is the announcement that yes, they have been paying attention to player requests to revert back to the old anomalies and they are working on it — sort of. According to the diary, the team is trying to find the right balance between types of anomalies and make sure they are implemented properly. They also plan to revamp artifacts to give them a bigger impact on gameplay.

Of course there are plans to add new items such as gear, weapons, and maps in addition to the changes mentioned above. It will be exciting to see how much the Survarium team accomplishes over the next year — and if they meet their goals.