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11 best first-person shooter games 2017: Best FPS games, from Doom to CS:GO


The concept of a first-person shooter first came about with the release of Doom 20 years ago, with people referring to FPS games as “Doom clones” for quite some time afterwards. Since then, FPS games have gone from strength to strength as graphics and game mechanics improve, and the base of online users increases. Fast forward to today and there is a myriad of FPS games available to buy – but which are the best? Here’s 11 of our all-time favourite FPS games.

Battlefield 1 is one of our favourite games to be released in 2016, offering a brutal and humbling look at the first world war – a drastic change from the Hollywood-esque Battlefield Hardline the year before, and from its main competitor, the sci-fi themed Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The single player campaign is offered in anthology format, allowing gamers to hear the stories of several of the thousands of people that took part in the war worldwide. The multiplayer is Battlefield at its best with all-out-war conditions, and the destructible environments mean the state of play can change in an instant. Fantastic game throughout, and well worth playing.

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