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What can fans expect from Fire Emblem Heroes?

As the title suggests, Fire Emblem Heroes is all about the vast array of fighters that comprise the RPG series. While Heroes doesn’t seem to emphasize any particular game’s cast over another, players of the recent 3DS games will quickly find the bulk of their favorite characters present. Want to play as Lucina again after falling for her in Awakening and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U? She’s in there, as are all of her compatriots.

By that, we don’t just mean the rest of the folks from Awakening. We mean pretty much every Fire Emblem character ever, although you’ll have to spend some funds to acquire them. This is a good reminder that the series is far bigger and older than Marth’s debut in Super Smash Bros. Melee, back in 2001. Fire Emblem as a franchise dates back to the Famicom days; the first one came out in 1990. Many of these games never made it stateside, and it’s only in recent years that Fire Emblem has broken through overseas. Although hardcore players will recognize characters from games like The Binding Blade or Genealogy of the Holy War, they’ll be totally foreign to anyone who’s only played the games officially released in the West. That puts a bunch of players on equal footing when starting Heroes, even if they have played Fire Emblem games before.

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