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Blizzard president criticizes ‘Muslim ban’ in internal email

Following last week’s extremely controversial executive order from new United States president Donald Trump blocking refugees and citizens from seven majority Muslim countries from entering the U.S., many smaller game developers have publicly spoken out against the “Muslim ban,” as it’s become known. So have multiple figures and companies in the tech world. But aside from a few instances, the biggest developers and publishers in gaming have remained silent.

That changed yesterday, when Blizzard president and co-founder Mike Morhaime sent an email to the entire company. The statement was not released publicly, but Polygon received a copy from a source that asked to remain anonymous. We have confirmed the legitimacy of the email with another source at Blizzard.

In the email, Morhaime expresses that the executive order goes against the values of both Blizzard as a company and America as a nation. He also promises support for “a small number of our employees and their families” affected by the ban.

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