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Titanfall 2’s upcoming Live Fire mode looks intense and fast-paced

A gameplay trailer for Live Fire, which will be released this month as free downloadable content to all players, shows off the frenetic action that takes place in these small-scale matches. Live Fire supports up to six-on-six play, but with pilots only — no titans allowed. Oh, and each player only has one life. Also, rounds last just 60 seconds; when the clock runs out, the team holding the neutral flag wins. (To win a match, you’ll have to take three out of five rounds.)

The Live Fire update to Titanfall 2 will introduce two maps, Stacks and Meadow, that are specifically designed for the mode. It will also include a Coliseum map called Columns, among other additions. Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment has not announced a release date for the update, except to say that it will arrive in February.

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