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Watch Ken Griffey Jr. mo-cap his swing for MLB The Show 17

Ken Griffey Jr. may have retired seven years ago, but he’s the star of MLB The Show 17. And when it comes to his legendary swing, he’s still got it.

Watch the new MLB 17 trailer above to see the smooth stroke that sent 630 baseballs screaming over fences in big-league ballparks — good for sixth on the sport’s all-time list. Griffey appears to have put on a few pounds since his playing days, but that sweet swing remains as recognizable as ever. And hey, a first-ballot Hall of Famer who played pro baseball for 22 seasons is entitled to a comfortable retirement.

The trailer also contains footage of Griffey recording voice-overs for MLB 17. Some of them sound like things an umpire would say, like an exaggerated strike call, while others resemble broadcast commentary. There’s no word yet on where these lines will appear in the game, but MLB 17 developer SIE San Diego has announced that the game will have a new audio commentary team and a Retro Mode.

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