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Gravity Rush 2 explained with a kitten

Gravity Rush 2 can be a bit hard to explain at first — is it a game about a colorful girl who can fly? Sort of. The main protagonist can bend the laws of gravity to her will so that she’s never flying, just falling in a different direction at any given time.

But enough about her, let’s get to this kitten. This Japanese commercial for Gravity Rush 2 (known as Gravity Daze 2 in Japan) is almost like a short film. In just under four minutes, you’re catapulted from a normal day at home to an Inception-level of physics-based confusion.

Those lucky enough to be cat owners know the pains of dealing with a rambunctious feline and what kind of havoc it can wreak on your house. Everything seems normal at first — it walks over a laptop, knocks over milk, rummages through grocery bags — but then the unthinkable happens: The kitten leaps onto the wall and scurries across the ceiling like a creature possessed. Seconds later, the apartment shifts like an Alice in Wonderland dream. Despite the terrifying ending, the ad ties it all back to a whimsical sweetness. If you didn’t know what Gravity Rush 2 can be like, you definitely will now.

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