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Funcom Brings Anarchy Online To Steam

MMO developer Funcom has decided to bring its long-running sci-fi MMO Anarchy Online to the Steam platform. The game, which launched in 2001, takes players 30,000 years in the future where they will be able to work together to build cities or fight each other for territory.

As part of the Steam launch, Funcom is offering players the chance to get a jump on the leveling process. However, it will cost them… $99.99. For this price, you’ll be able to boost a character to level 200. In addition, players can pick up a player bundle with gear, boosts, and more for $20.

The game’s addition to Steam is reportedly an effort to increase its playerbase. It should for the short term, at least. Steam is pretty good for that. However, it’ll be interesting to see how much life Steam can bring back to a 16 year-old game.

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