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Gigantic’s Eternal Dawn Update Is Live, Adds New Hero Zandora

Gigantic just got another new batch of content. The Eternal Dawn update adds the game’s newest hero, Zandora, “an Eternal walking amongst mortals.” She’s a lance-wielding melee support/hybrid who uses auras to help herself and her allies. Zandora’s the second hero in as many updates, following Pakko’s debut in last month’s Exile in the North update.

Eternal Dawn also adds a new competitive leaderboard, so you can see how you match up against the game’s best players, as well as a new creature to summon, the Storm Drake. There are also 18 new “Eternal Light” weapon skins available to players after they reach level 10 with a hero. You can read about all the new features in the detailed patch notes on the Gigantic site.

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