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Digital Extremes Announces Tennocon 2017 Date

Warframe developer Digital Extremes announced the date for the second annual Tennocon today. The convention, which celebrates all things Warframe, is set to take place Saturday, July 8 at the London Convention Center in Ontario.

As with last years event, Digital Extremes will be donating a portion of the event’s ticket sales to charity and they hope to double the donation made during last year’s convention. Warframe fans wishing to attend the convention will be able to purchase them via the Tennocon site beginning today. There are five ticket options, including a digital pass that will go on sale at a later time.

During the convention, players will get a behind the scenes look at game creation in panels hosted by members of the dev team. There will also be a Warframe Cosplay Contest, and a live broadcast of Warframe’s Devstream series, TennoLive. Players unable to attend the event will be able to watch TennoLive on Twitch.

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