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LoA Angel: Vienna



The beautiful Vienna has agreed to descend down onto our realm to aid in the fight against evil. Not only is she charming, cunning and comforting, she comes with amazing stats!  

The origins of Vienna are still a bit unclear. The legends vary from place to place. Some claim that she was born as a human, but gained the affection of the Gods because of her incredible tenderness towards animals and humans alike. Her fame grew across the land of the three kingdoms so much that people started worshiping her early on in her life. When she became an Angel, her tender and mysterious touched the Gods so much that they all wept. Do not be afraid of her, despite her might, her tenderness will make you feel loved and taken care of for the rest of eternity. 


Attack Type: Magic

Skill: Tenderness-Deals (160% Basic ATK + 500) magic damage to all enemies.

Basic Stats





Crit Damage






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