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LoA Hero: Dragon Empress


Dragon Empress
Dragon Empress sets her home inside the volcano crater. The fervent, arrogant and solitary new hero has the invincible power of the dragon roar. Her furious flame can weaken any metal weapons and cause an extremely damage to her opponents. Many tried to defeat the Dragon Empress, but field. It is well known that no one can challenge the mighty power of dragon and fire!  

[Hero Information] 
Hero Class: Mage
Growth Qualification: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Hero Skills: Dragon Roar
Consumes 75 Rage to cast. Deals (130 ATK+400) to the 2 enemies with the lowest HP percentage. The lower the enemies' HP percentage, the higher the damage will be. Executioner will be triggered when target's HP is lower than 10% (executioner causes death to the target whenever it hits). It is immune to Deception and increases the caster's Crit by 10%, lasts 3 turns.
Stats of Dragon Empress

3000 785 320 320 180

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