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LoA Hero: Arcane Spirit


League of Angels Arcane Spirit

Description: Arcane Spirit is a supernatural being from the parallel world. For years of his roaming in the void, the darkness arouses the rages and arcane power within him. Until one day, he a created a rift with the arcane lightening in the time-space continuum and arrived at our land. The sorcerers of Angels were able to imprison the Arcane Spirit with the their holy seal in the elemental dungeon. Millions of years has passed, the seal is wearing out. Who will be able to summon the Arcane Spirit and steer his power?


Class: Mage

Position: Debuffer and Support
Skill: Deals (135% ATK + 300) to enemy back row, and decreases the targets ATK by 30% with a 16% chance to stun for 2 turns.


Basic Stats

Initial HP

Initial PATK

Initial PDEF Initial MATK Initial MDEF


0 240 700 240