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LoA Hero : Valkyries


League of Angels Hero Valkyrie

Description: Valkyries vow to serve God after being selected as mortal princesses. They ride white Pegasi and fly through the sky. Dew and frost falling from the Pegasus’ mane, their armor shine bright like the aurora. They give the dead on the battlefield a wonderful kiss and lead them to Valhalla; these fearless warriors eventually become the backbone of the divine army. Valkyries practice day and night to prepare for their final battle with the army of giants.


Class: Warrior

Position: Melee Tank

Skill: Abyssal Gaze – Deals (120% ATK + 300) to enemy back row, and adds shield that reduces DMG received -30%. Also, Deceives enemies in back row into targeting her for 2 turns.


Basic Stats:

Initial HP Initial PATK Initial PDEF Initial MATK

Initial MDEF

3000 550 260 0


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