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LoA - Fire Raiders Strategy : Astral Training, Master Comsic Power

There are times when the Angel’s power are not enough to defeat forces of evil, there are times when power of the universe need to be harnessed. That’s why Fire Raiders will grant players the chance to make their heroes even stronger through Astral Training!

Astral Training allows players to infuse their Heroes with the cosmic powers of the Constellations while giving players a choice in how their Heroes grow. Advanced stages of Astral Training will actually reduce certain stats in favor of greatly boosting others, enabling a whole new level of customization. Different players can have widely different stats for the same Hero!

◆ Astral Training is accessed from the Enhance panel.
◆ There are 3 types of Astral Training (Aries, Taurus, Gemini), available to Heroes when they reach Epic+1, Epic+3, and Legendary quality 
◆ Each type of Astral Training has 4 listed stats, training a Hero will randomly increase 1-4 of those stats for that Hero
◆ Astral Training will consume either Astral Stones or Diamonds
◆ Once a stat is full, Training will no longer add to it
◆ Clicking Train will generate random stats and consume resources, but stats are not saved unless player confirms
◆ Clicking cancel will undo stat changes, but resources are still consumed
◆ As stats increase from Training, there is a chance for some stats to lower while others increase
◆ Astral Stones are sold in the Arena and Ancient Arena Shops
Each type of Astral Training has 4 listed stats . Aries is corresponding to Physical Defense, Magic Defense, Health Point and resilience. Taurus is corresponding to Attack, Physical Defense, Health Point and Parry. Gemini is corresponding to Attack, Magic Defense, Health Point and Resilience.

Astral Training integrates the current features of the game with a brand new method of strengthening heroes. It’s up to the players to determine what stats will best benefit their team, we hope this process of discovering the new function will add to the fun and action.

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