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Browser game LoA Equipment Types,Quality,and How to get better Equipment


Equipment is a great way to increase the overall strength of your party in League of Angels. Here, we will briefly introduce the equipment system.

Equipment Types
Weapon: Increases ATK
Armor: Increases PDEF
Greaves: Increases MDEF
Helmet: Increases HP
Ring: Increases Hit Rate and Crit Rate
Boots: Increases AGI

League of Angels Equipment system

Equipment Quality
In League of Angels, there are 5 types of Equipment qualities. We have listed them below, from strongest to weakest:
1. Red
2. Orange
3. Purple
4. Blue
5. Green

How to get better Equipment
There are a number of places where you can get Equipment, or Equipment Material in League of Angels:
1. Single Player Dungeons
2. The Erebus
3. The Arena
4. Special Events

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