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LoA Strategy _ Tips on raising B.R by S1ut


Character Name: S1ut

Server: s60 (Claudia)

B.R: 624,676

Tips on raising BR:

#1: Be the fastest mine clicker in CS

#2: Do all in game activities everyday. You can't come back and do it tomorrow.

#3: Timing! The first person with a high score stays ahead if you tie. So,;bsince many people have tie scores in raiders and tidal pool everyday doing them first thing in the morning can be the;difference;between a huge reward or nothing at all.

#4:Endurance events, zodiac frenzy/eternal spire conqueror/elite battle event if you start blitzing the night before and check it in the morning you can effectively get twice as many attempts in getting you HUGE rewards from the event.

#5: Once you meet the Marquis Title requirements for Nyssa, and have the imperial stallion;stop wasting vouchers on feasts. The bonuses of the title alone are minimal compared to pretty much anything else you can buy with vouchers. (DISCLAIMER: I'm not liable when they add higher requirements for new items in the future.);;

#6:Gemology - (This one requires VIP unless you have an amazing game) Get at least 3,000 points everyday. Once you get your first 50 energy card it's easy. If you follow the scoring advice I suggest in the next tip you'll average 1,500 - 1,800 per 50 energy. You start with roughly 50 moves a day (depending on vip level, 40 if no vip) + 50 energy card gives you a score of 3,000 - 3,600. This will earn you a +10 and +50 energy card from the "all around talent" and "octathlon";events;replenishing;what you've spent with a little extra to boot!

#7:Gemology - The scoring system is screwy so knowing it will improve your score.;

3 in a row = 10 points

4 in a row = 20 points

5 in a row = 50 points

2 rows of 3 at the same time: 50 points

1 row of 3 and one row of 4: 60 points

and that's it. You could get 6 rows at the same time and you won't get more than 60. That being said, you still have to use strategy. You can earn a 200% more by using 1-3 turns to setup a 50-60 point play than just making single rows of 3 and 4 with each turn.

#7b: Dragonsoul: Just so there's no confusion, there is no point limit per turn in Dragonsoul like the one in gemology so rake in the points!

#8: They're recently added an event for spending resources with HUGE rewards so don't be in a rush to upgrade and train everything. your patience will pay off the next time an event like this rolls around (p.s. not saying don't upgrade anything, but keep a stockpile of enough of each resource to take advantage of the event)

#9: Following in line with #8, Hero upgrade event. As your leveling your heroes, get them all to juuuuust before leveling (only on the levels the event gives you rewards for of course) and then sit on your blessed stones until the next time this event comes around. Note: This earned me well over 1,000 seraph stones per event. Now my heroes are too high for the event, and i realize that not doing this from the beginning i missed out on a TON of seraph stones

If you play with diamonds:

#1: only recharge when there is a "total recharge" event;occurring;or you're throwing away the;equivalent;of $10-$100 in most cases.

#2: Spending 2x, 3x, 4x etc... as much on Tycoon/Angel Quiz/(whichever event);and placing 1st with super rewards just one time;will get you much stronger than spending the;equivalent;amount over multiple events and coming in 5th-20th.

If you play with very very VERY few diamonds:

#1: Want to get the most out of the $1.00 worth of diamonds you bought? Get a decent reward for the next 100 days! You can buy an extra manual attempt at Zodiac or Eternal Spiral for 1 diamond earning you the Otctathlon event "Use any amount of diamonds" which is usually a pretty substantial reward associated with the current main event on the server

Can't think of anything else at the moment... might add more later.

This events rewards should be about 1,000x larger. We're giving up our edge in the game giving away this prized information!

Any views or opinions presented in this strategy are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the League of Angels staff.

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