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Archer Report: The True Killer_ LoA Strategy


Report on the New class of archers who descended to the league to save angels

The True Killer

By Jessica (s265)

First let us all check the skills of the archer the thing we find common is the patt buff so from the first view the archer is know to be a killer with a proper Glass cannon build (pure damage dealer) it should out class most classes a;paladin;could be putting up slight resistance.


Socket 1- obvious choice for a patt

Socket 2- defences are must cause we should last a bit against angels

Socket 3- compulsory hp to make up for the lack of hp

Socket 4- THE most important gem Critical gem putting a dodge or endurance wont help

Socket 5- Agility ..... u may think why agility well being a glass cannon who deals pure damage u should be getting the 1st hit and a rage hit at all costs which in most cases;destroys;the enemy tank in 1 hit

socket 1,4,5 are must to be a great hunter

Heroes to Support:

Well i suggest using 3 heroes front and ;1 damage dealer along with ur main there are 2;scenarios;

1. Below lv45

2. After lv45

well for under lv45 mermaid and 2 tanks Zwel and Rose Knight in front row with pyrona in back u can use her stun to have a lot of advantage

After LV45:

I suggest getting 3 heroes Djinn,Sentinel,Nether night

First and foremost get djinn(replaces mermaid) and keep her in the front row slowly get nether night getting sentinel is up to u cause he gives such a hard hits to heroes with that ignore defence

Overall Verdict:

Hunters are truly living up to the expectations and are a great class to start on with for both the Veterans and the Newbies. just give him some attack and he will take care of the battle.

Any views or opinions presented in this strategy are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the League of Angels staff.

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