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League of Angel__ Groundhog Day: Up to 90% off & Chance to Unlock Angel Angelina

Duration: 1/29 – 2/4 (server time)


There will be a new shop "Groundhog's Stash" for this event located on the left, below "Hot Events". Buy items with Apples from the Groundhog's Stash for a discounted price; they will be up to 90% off. One of the available items is Angelina's Icon Shard. Collect 100 to unlock her!


League of Angels New Angel Angelina

Stats: MATK
Skill: Deals Magic DMG of (160% ATK+500) to all enemies

Halo: Crit +30, ATK +180, ATK +180 and HP +640


Groundhog's Stash

League of Angels Groundhogs Stash

- Apples can be obtained from Total Recharge Rewards or exchanging Diamonds or Vouchers at a 1:1 rate.

- Click the "Refresh" button for a chance to buy different discounted items. The commodities include

Angelina's Icon Shard

Lvl. 4 to 6 Common Gem Chests

Lvl. 2 to 5 Superior Gem Chests

Lvl. 1 to 4 Holy Crystals

Garnet to Ruby Herosouls

Lvl. 1 to 4 Cherubstones

Synth Scrolls


Socketing Rods

Angel Tears

Aegis Shards

Fashion Cores

Timeskip Scrolls


- Use the "Save More" button to further increase the discount.
- Players receive 1 point for each Apple spent. Extra Apples and Soulstones may be collected in the Rewards menu after enough points are acquired.

- VIPs can purchase more of the same items.


Total Recharge Reward

Duration: 1/29 - 2/4 (server time)

Description: Cumulatively recharge certain amounts within 1 week to get special rewards!



Recharge 1 Diamonds

Gold x50000 and Apple x10

Recharge 1500 Diamonds

Apple x30

Recharge 5000 Diamonds

Apple x150

Recharge 15000 Diamonds

Soulstone x20, Synth Scroll x20 and Apple x200

Recharge 30000 Diamonds

Soulstone x40, Synth Scroll x40 and Apple x300

Recharge 50000 Diamonds

Soulstone x80, Synth Scroll x80 and Apple x500

Recharge 100000 Diamonds

Soulstone x300, Synth Scroll x200 and Apple x700

Recharge 200000 Diamonds

Soulstone x800, Synth Scroll x400, Stamina x50 and Apple x1000

Note: The rewards may be collected from the Recharge Reward menu.