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LoA_Easter Celebration: Fun with Smashing Easter Eggs and Get New Easter Bunny Mount

Join us in League of Angels to celebrate the Easter holiday. The brand new Easter Bunny mount is going to make you cooler than ever, and is only available this time of year. Enjoy the fun of smashing Easter Eggs.

New Easter Bunny Mount

Glamor Bonus
Player PATK +750, Player MATK +750, Player PDEF +500, Player MDEF +500, Player Agility +200 and Player HP +2400
Glamor Skill
Divine Intervention Lvl. 1: has 20% chance to increase player DEF and Dodge +5%


How to get Easter Bunny mount?

Duration: April 17 to 20

Server: S1 to S112

You can collect Magic Hammers to smash Easter Eggs to get the brand new Easter Bunny mount. Get Magic Hammers by participating in the daily events or purchasing with Diamonds. Smash the Easter Eggs in the event menu with Magic Hammers, and you will have a chance to get Blessed Stones, Seraph’s Stones, Element Dust, Cherubstones, Gem Essence, Magic Socket Rod and many other precious items.

For each egg smashed, you will get 1 point. Each day, Top 20 smashers with at least 30 points will get extra Refinement Stones; Top 20 smashers with at least 60 points will get extra Element Dusts.

At the end of the event, overall Top 20 smashers with at least 250 will get the following items:

Basic Rewards (Min Pts 250)
Advanced Rewards (Min Pts 700)
Runestone x2000
Easter Bunny x1, Runestone x2000
Runestone x1500
Easter Bunny x1
Runestone x1000
Lvl. 6 Fusion Gem Chest x1
Runestone x500
Lvl. 7 Common Gem Chest x1

How to get more Magic Hammers?

- Total Recharge Reward

Players with cumulative Recharge of
Login Prize
1500 Diamonds
Magic Hammers x 20
5000 Diamonds
Magic Hammers x 30, Soulstone x 50
15000 Diamonds
Magic Hammers x 50, Bless Stone x 80, Element Dust x 50
40000 Diamonds
Magic Hammers x 100, Seraph Stone x 200, Runestone x 500


- Daily Loot

Players with Devotion of
200 points
Magic Hammers x 2
300 points
Magic Hammers x 2, Gold x 100000
400 points
Magic Hammers x 2, Refine Stone x50
500 points
Magic Hammers x 4, Element Dust x 50
600 points
Magic Hammers x 5, Item Voucher x 500


More exciting events are coming up through April 17 to 20. Check them out in the in-game How Events menu now!

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