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LoA_Share your experiences from the Cross-server Tournaments with all heroes!


Share your experiences from the Cross-server Tournaments with all heroes!


Duration: May 14 to May 18


Platform: All Facebook and GTarcade players


What you can share:

You can share anything you want about the Cross-server Tournament; we have provided some ideas for you below. 
1. Write Cross-server event strategy guides, like how to choose heroes or how to organize your party.
2. When you attend Cross-server Tournaments you can simply click “Share” after each battle. Maybe your B.R. was less than your opponent’s and you still won, or you beat the top 10 players in your server. Share and post moment like these in the forum.
3. Share your stories from the Cross-server Tournaments; it can be something funny that made everyone laugh or it can be a story about you and your comrade-in-arms. 
4. You can also tell us your ideas about what other kind of Cross-server events you would like to see on the forum.


1. We will post some of the best articles on Facebook. These players will be rewarded with 100 Blessed Stones.

2. Each entry will receive 20 Blessed Stones.


1. Post a new topic on the forum

2. Copy your posts URL and paste it in a reply to this post. Include your server number, platform and character name.

Please feel free to talk and share! League of Angels always welcomes and values your opinions.