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LoA_Guess and Win! Which Angel is she?

People said that the greatest beauty of the world sometimes looks normal, inconspicuous or even strange before she complete the transformation. GTarcade has invited one of the best Garage Kit Sculptor to help our Angel to transfer. Guess which angel she will be after her transformation! 

The first 3 players who reply on the forum with the right answer can win a mysterious Gift from LoA. 

The 10th, 50th, 70th ,100th , 120th ,150th ,180th ,200th , 210th ,900th and 1000th floor who reply to this post will get 3-in-1 Special Pack x1 and Wedding Garb Chest x3! Good luck! 

Duration: June 3 to 4 11:59 EDT

Server: All GTArcade and Facebook Servers

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