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LoA_Write Report for Archer and Win Rewards!


Duration: June 8 to June 12

Server: All Servers

Description: Write a report for our new Archer class, for example how to choose Heroes or Gems for Archer, what advantages and disadvantages does Archer has.


1. Reply to this post and upload a screenshot of your Archer, include both your character name & server number, as below:

2. Title: give your report a title, like "Make your Archer Rock and Roll!"

3. Your Report:_____________________

4. You shall Not copy other player's Report :)


1. Each entry will get 500 Diamonds!

2. We will choose some good Reports (at least 3) to put on our Facebook, these players can get 1000 Diamonds!

3. Player whose Report are shared most on Facebook will win 2000 Diamonds !

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