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LoA_1st Angel World Cup Rules

Angel World Cup Rules

1. Names and Classes

Participants from the USA and other countries outside of China and Taiwan will have the prefix EN- before their name, e.g. EN-Dorothy. Chinese players will use the prefix CN- and Taiwanese players will use  the prefix TW-. All classes will be the same as their original class.

2. Account Settings

◆General: All players and heroes will be leveled to Lvl. 90. Players will have their skills maxed out while all Heroes will have training and upgrades upgraded to +21. All Angels will be automatically leveled to their max level and have evolution upgraded to +24.

◆Mounts: There will be a variety of evolved mounts with max training level.

◆Equipment: A 5 piece Lvl.80 Royal Set, Legendary Equipment x1, all at max level, with all slots unlocked. Enchanting and Refinement will not be available.

◆Resources:  Lvl. 8 Cherubstone x2, Lvl.9 Cherubstone x2, Lvl.10 Cherubstone x1, Lvl.8 Gems x30, Lvl.7 Fusion Gems x6, Lvl.5 Dragonsoul Elemental Power x15.

◆Aegis: All Angels' Aegis will be opened to 5th Tier, Lvl. 1. Difficult mode will not be opened.

◆Gem Enhancement: Each Heroes' Gem Enhancement Level will be upgraded to Tier 8, Level 1. All Heroes will have their Elemental Stats upgraded to Tier 10, 1 Star.

3. Features Open

◆Angel Alliance, Totems, Hero Talents, Rune System, Worship, and Affection will not be open.
◆Teams Battles and outlying resource and consumption systems are not open. Other relevant features are not open.

4. Shops and Recharge Settings

◆Players that recharge in their original server will receive a voucher for the same amount of Diamonds in the competition server. Vouchers may be used to purchase shop items.
◆Purchasable Items Include: All Costumes and Wings, all Emblems, Wedding Rings, some Titles, Lvl.7 Superior Gem Chest x2 each day, and Lvl.7 Cherubstone x2.

5. Other

◆Each day players can collect a Hero Inscription x1, Angel Inscription x1, Lvl. 7 Superior Gem Chest x1, Lvl. 8 Cherubstone x1. Those that make it to the Quarter-Final will receive an Odin’s Blade. Those that make it to the Knockout Match will receive a Tyr’s Ring.

Angel World Cup Line Up
Selection Phase: 12th June - 16th June

Selections will be made from the 12th of June to the 16th of June. During this time, the Top 600 Players on the Cross-Server B.R Rankings will be chosen to enter the Angel World Cup. These players will be further split into two groups of 300, with one group going to World Server 1 and the other to World Server2.

Team Formation Phase: 28th June - 29th June
1. Players from each district will be free to form teams. 5  players make one team, each district will have 60 teams.
2. Players without a team by the deadline will be given a team.
3. Teams without 5 players by the deadline will be split up and made into teams of 5.

District Competition Phase: June 30th - July 2nd

The 60 teams from each district will compete, leaving the 36 teams with the most points to go on to the next phase.

Cross-District Competition: July 3rd - July 4th
1. After the teams of each district have competed, the Captains of the 252 teams will enter a draw. The Draw will determine opponents for the next round.
2. Mainland China will have 144 Teams enter the Quarter-Final, ICAN Taiwan will have 36 Teams, and the remaining districts will have 72 Teams enter the Quarter-Finals.
3.16 Teams at a time will enter a Knockout round. The 4 Teams with the most points will go on to the next phase.

World Cup Phase: July 5th - July 6th
A total of 64 Teams will enter the Final. The finals will adopt a best out of 3 structure. In the end, the team with the most points will be the winner of the Angel World Cup!

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in our development plans.

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