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LoA_Play Wheel of Luck to win New Mounts Cockatrice!


1.Prismatic Wheel 

Chance to win up to 1000 Diamonds for free! At most to win double Diamonds


Duration: June 15 to 18 

Server: S1 to S300 


- Click on the “Prismatic Wheel” on the left of the game screen to open the event menu. 

- There are 2 types of Wheels: Diamond Wheel & Voucher Wheel. Each can get diamonds and vouchers. 


Diamonds Wheel: Recharge 999 diamonds to get one chance to spin, you can spin 5 times at most everyday.


Vouchers Wheel: Each player has 2 free chances to spin everyday.

2. Wheel of Luck 

Duration: June 15 to 18 (Server Time) 

Servers: S1-S300 

Description: Spin the wheel of Luck to win Dragonblood Drapes, Angelina's Icon and Cockatrice!

Skill: has 20% chance to increase player ATL and DEF by 20% 


750 750 500 500 200 2400



Stats: MATK Skill: Deals Magic DMG of (160% ATK+500) to all enemies 

Halo: Crit +30, ATK +180, ATK +180 and HP +640 


Rules: - For each spin, you will receive 1 Wheel of Luck Point.


- You can spend points to make purchases in the Shop of Luck.



- Daily Top 10 players who have at least 30 points will get extra Refining Stone; Daily Top 10 players who have at least 80 points will get extra Blessed Stones.


30 Points

120 Points


Refining Stone x400

Blessed Stones x50


Refining Stone x200

Blessed Stones x25


Refining Stone x100

Blessed Stones x15


- At the end of the event, the Top 10 players who have at least 120 total points or 600 points will get extra rewards as follows.


200 Points

620 Points


Seraph’s Stone x150

Cockatrice x1, Seraph’s x200 and Runestone x2000


Seraph’s Stone x100

Cockatrice x1, Seraph's Stone x100 and Runestone x1000


Seraph's Stone x70

Seraph's Stone x200 and Runestone x1000


3. Today's Gift

Duration: June 16 to 18 (Server Time)

Servers: S1-S300



Login 1 day

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x5

And buy for 999 Diamonds

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10

And buy 1499 Diamonds 

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x15

Login 2 days

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x5

And buy for 999 Diamonds 

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10

And buy for 1499 Diamonds 

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x15

Login 3 days

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x5

And buy for 999 Diamonds 

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10

And buy for 1499 Diamonds

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x15


4. Total Recharge Reward

Duration: June 16 to 18 (server time) 

Server: S1 to S300

Description: Cumulatively recharge during the event to get special rewards!



Total Recharge: Diamond x1000

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10

Total Recharge: Diamond x5000

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x40 and Enchanted Ore x200

Total Recharge: Diamond x10000

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x60, Blessed Stone x200 and Element Crystal x200

Total Recharge: Diamond x30000

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x100, Refining Stone x1000, Runestone x1000 and Seraph's Stone x400

5. All-round Talent I

Duration: June 16 to 18 (server time)

Server: S1 to S300

Description: Complete daily challenges to get great rewards!



Bond with Angels 80 times

Angel Tear x30

Synth 20 chests in Raiders

Soulstone x100

13 Solo Arena battles

Element Crystal x100

600 Erebus points

Gold x2,000,000

6 Team Arena battles

Blessed Stone x60

3000 Gemology points

Basic Energy Card (50) x1

Recharge any amount

Seraph's Stone x60

Spend any amount

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10

6. All-round Talent II

Duration: June 16 to 18 (server time)

Server: S1 to S300

Description: Complete daily challenges to get great rewards!



Bond with Angels 30 times

Angel Tear x15

5 Solo Arena Battles

Dragon Crest x20

Explore 15 times in Raiders

Soulstone x50

5 Team Arena battles

Dragon Crest x40

30 Loops

Stamina x20

300 Erebus Points

Seraph's Stone x30

500 Gemology Points

Advance Energy Card (10) x1

Get 400 points in Tidal Pool

Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10

7. Fishing Soul

Duration: June 16 to 18 (server time)
Server: S1 to S300
Description: Play Tidal Pool every day to win extra Soulstones, Blessed Stone and many other rare items!



1000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x30

2000 Tidal Pool Points

Blessed Stone x20

5000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x100 and Gold x 300,000

10000 Tidal Pool Points

Blessed Stone x50

20000 Tidal Pool Points

Blessed Stone x100 and Gold x1,500,000

Use Laser Once

Synth Scroll x50 and Jackpot Lotto Voucher x5

Use Laser 3 Times

Synth Scroll x100 and Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10

Use Laser 5 Times

Blessed Stone x40

8.Daily Challenge

Duration: June 16 to 18 (server time)

Server: S1 to S300

Description: Gain Devotion points every day to win Jackpot Lotto Voucher.


100 Devotion Points
Gold x100000
200 Devotion Points
Soulstone x40

300 Devotion Points

Elemental Crystal x50

400 Devotion Points

Saraph's Stone x50

500 Devotion Points

Blessed Stone x80

650 Devotion Points

Runestone x400, Jackpot Lotto Voucher x10 and the "Pro" Title

9. Angel World Cup

The 1st Angel World Cup begins today! Selections will be made at 00:00 EDT 17th June. During these time, the Top 600 Players on the Cross-Server B.R Rankings will be chosen to enter the Angel World Cup. These players will be further split into two groups of 300, with one group going to World Server 1 and the other to World Server 2.

Selection Phase Ending Time:

EDT: June 17th Midnight (12:00 AM)

PDT: June 16th 9:00 PM 

GMT: June 17th 4:00 AM

HKT: June 17th Midday (12:00 PM)

Click here for details: http://angel.gtarcade.com/worldcup#newsConter

10. 2014 Football World Cup Betting

Time: June 13th to July 14th

Server: All Servers

Description: During the Angel World Cup another Football World Cup event will be held. In this event players may place bets on their favorite 2014 World Cup football team. Bets may be placed from the June the 13th until the 14th of July. 

Rewards: Angel Mikaela! And many more!

Attack Stats: MATK

Skill: Deals Magic DMG equal to (160% ATK +500) to all enemies.



Agility Hit Crit Crit DMG Fire DMG


190 36 36 28 50

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