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LoA_Draw your Leader and Win Rewards!

Duration: June 25 to 29
Server: All servers
Description: We have thousands of teams in our Cross-Server Team Tournament, in these teams, there're thousands of team leaders. They help build up the team and lead the team to win in the bloody battles! How is your team leader? Is he strong? Handsome? Gentle? Who is the best team leader in your eyes? Draw him! Let millions of players know about him!

1. Draw a picture of your team leader and reply to this post with your server number and IGN.
2. The picture can be hand drawn, can be created by softwares, but please do not paste photo from other players. If you are not good at painting, Nicky said you can also use a movie star or comic character's picture to describe your leader, but you have to tell us why. For example, your leader is a humorous man who always makes everyone happy, so you post Charlie Chaplin or Mr. Bing to present your leader.

3. The picture shall at least include the leader, his/her IGN and server number. And of course you can add whatever you like in the picture.


1. Each entry can get Gold X2500000, Lvl.3 Warsoul(M) X10, Lvl.3 Goldseed(M) X10.

2. Nicky will choose 10 interesting/creative pictures, these painters can receive Gold X5000000, Lvl.3 Warsoul(L) X10, Lvl.3 Godless(L) X10.

3. The best painting (real painting, can't be googled) will be chosen by Nicky as winner, he/she will get 2000 Diamonds! 


IGN: Frances (Nicky's Evil Boss, the Game Producer) 

Server: 0

Why I choose this picture to present my leader: Poor Nicky has been eaten alive by her hundreds of times. 

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The League of Angels Team