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LoA_Win special offer from the Shells!


As the hot event Beach Treasure has only one day left now, we decided to put out a serious of events for players to win a special offer! Come on and get treasures form the Shells!

Special Offer On Beach

Duration: July 15 00:00 to July 16 23:59

Prize time: July 15 00:00 to July 16 23:59


Get certain points on the beach to win a special offer!

Event Requirements


Reach 1000 points and spend 500 to buy (3 times)

Shell Point Cards x3

Reach 2000 points and spend1000 to buy (3 times)

Shell Point Cards x5

Reach 5000 points and spend3000 to buy (3 times)

Shell Point Cards x15

Reach 10000 points and spend 5000 to buy (3 times)

Shell Point Cards x25

Prepare For New Nero

Duration: July 15 00:00 to July 16 23:59
Prize time: July 15 00:00 to July 16 23:59
A new hero, who has been already introduced in our forum and facebook fanpage, is coming with other heroes in house of cards in the next week! Meet certain qualifications to get prepared for their BR boost!

Event Requirements


Reach 1000 points each day and spend 999 to buy(3 times)

Soulstone x250

Reach 1000 points each day and spend 1999 to buy(3 times)

Blessed Stone x100

Reach 2000 points each day and spend 1999 to buy(3 times)

Runestone x1000

Reach 2000 points each day and spend 1999 to buy(3 times)

Gem Enhancement Stone x500

Reach 5000 points each day and spend 3999 to buy(5 times)

Element Crystal x600

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

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