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LoA_New Fashion Sky Archer for Free Players!


Sky Archer

Duration: July 21 to August 11

Server: All servers


Achieve certain goals to gain the new costume Sky Archer, for free! The Rewards can be collected in the in-game Hot Events. The event will be unlocked on the 8th days after the server has opened, this rule applies to all servers which have been opened later than S373.

Event Requirements


5 Team Arena Battles

Sky Archer Shards x2

10 Solo Arena Battles

Sky Archer Shards x2

Raid 10 times in Raiders

Sky Archer Shards x2

Challenge 10 times in Clash of Might

Sky Archer Shards x2

400 Tidal Pool Points

Sky Archer Shards x2

500 Devotion

Sky Archer Shards x2

Spend any amount

Sky Archer Shards x2

Recharge any amount

Sky Archer Shards x6

More exciting events are coming up through July 21 to July 25. Check them out in the in-game How Events 

menu now!

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