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LoA_Find the Envoy in House of Cards

House of Cards 
Duration: Nov. 28 to Dec. 1 (server time) 
Server: S1 to S632
- Players can obtain cards from the Card Chests in House of Cards. 

- There are three types of card chests: Common Chests, Deluxe Chests and Mystery Chests. 1 Common Chest costs 50 Diamonds, 1 Delue Chest costs 150 Diamonds, and 1 Mystery Chest costs 500 Diamonds. You can get 10 Common Chest for free each day. 

- After collecting a specified set of cards, you may exchange it for great rewards. 
- Your remaining Cards can be exchanged for Points. Points can be traded for specific Cards. This will allow you to finish your Card sets more efficiently. 
- You can swap the required cards for: Messenger of Darkness, Light Envoy, Lunar Priestess, Poseidon, Panda Nicky, Dark Valkyrie, Divine Hunter, Thunder Lord, Lvl. 8 Hit+Crit Gem, Lvl. 8 PATK+Crit Gem, Lvl. MATK+Crit Gem, Ruby Herosoul, Gem Enhancement Stone, Runestone, Lvl. 7 Cherubstone, Seraph's Stone, Element Crystal, Gem Essence, Topaz Herosoul, Blessed Stone, Refining Stone, Angel Tears, Synth Scroll and many more!
- Daily Ranking Rewards: Every day the Top 20 players with at least 1500 points from the previous day can collect extra Card Points as the reward. 

- Total Ranking Rewards: At the end of the event, the Top 20 players with at least 10,000 total points have a chance to win Seraph's Stone, Joker (L), Gem Enhancement Stone, Element Crystal, Lvl. 8/7/6 Fusion Gem Chests.

Stats of Messenger of Darkness











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Event Bonus
Duration: Nov. 28 to Dec. 1 (server time) 
Server: S1 to S632
Description: Every day from 12:00-22:00, you can draw prizes in the Events Bonus menu. 
Possible Prize: Card Lotto Voucher, Legacy Fashion, Seraph's Stone, Blessed Stone, Gem Enhancement Stone, Aegis Shard, and Totem Badge.

- After each boss is killed, all players on the server will receive 1 prize draw. 
- Any player who participates in the World Boss event will receive 2 prize draws. 
- If you deal at least 1% of total DMG to all bosses, you will receive 2 prize draws. 
- Additional prize draws will be rewarded for ranking on the World Boss leader board. 
- All prize draws will be reset at 00:00 
- After free prize draws are used up, additional draws may be purchased for diamonds. 

Today's Gift
Duration: Nov. 27 to Dec. 31 (server time) 
Server: S1 to S629
Description: Log in every day to win Treasure Chest!



Total Login: 1 Day

Angelic gold *2, Ragged Treasure Hunt Chest *2  

Total Login: 2 Days

Angelic gold *2, Ragged Treasure Hunt Chest *2, Card Lotto Voucher x5 

Total Login: 3 Days

Angelic gold *2, Ragged Treasure Hunt Chest *2, Card Lotto Voucher x5


Total Login: 4 Days

Angelic gold *2, Ragged Treasure Hunt Chest *2, Card Lotto Voucher x5


Total Login: 5 Days

Angelic gold *2, Ragged Treasure Hunt Chest *2, Card Lotto Voucher x5


Total Recharge Reward
Duration: Nov. 27 to Dec. 1 (server time) 
Server: S1 to S629
Description: Cumulatively recharge during the event to get special rewards!



Total Recharge: Diamond x1500

Card Lotto Voucher x15, Enchanted Ore x300, Angelic gold *5, and Rough Treasure Hunt Chest *1

Total Recharge: Diamond x5000

Card Lotto Voucher x20, Element Crystal x600, Angelic gold *30, Angelic silver *100, and Rough Treasure Hunt Chest *2

Total Recharge: Diamond x10000

Card Lotto Voucher x30, Soulstone x1000, Angelic gold *15, Angelic silver *200, and Neat Treasure Hunt Chest *1

Total Recharge: Diamond x20000

Card Lotto Voucher x50, Blessed Stone x600, Angelic gold *30, Angelic silver *400, and Neat Treasure Hunt Chest *3

Total Recharge: Diamond x40000

Card Lotto Voucher x20, Lvl. 7 Crit+Hit Gem x1, 

Seraph's Stone x600,  Angelic gold *50, and Superior Treasure Hunt Chest *1

Master of Poker
Duration: Nov. 28 to Dec. 1 (server time) 
Server: S1 to S632



5000 Points

100 points, Spades J x1 and Angelic silver *20

10000 Points

200 points, Hearts Q x1 and Spades Q x1 and Angelic silver *40

20000 Points

400 points, Spades K x1 and Hearts K x1 Angelic silver *100

30000 Points

1000 points, Hearts A x1 and Angelic gold *10

40000 Points

1500 points, Spades A x1 and Joker (Sx1 and Angelic gold *20

50000 Points

2000 points, Hearts A x2, Joker (Sx2 and Angelic gold *30 

60000 Points

Joker (Lx1 and Spades A x2 and Angelic gold *40 


Fishing Soul

Duration: Nov. 27 to Nov. 29 (Server Time) 
Servers: S 1 to S 629
Description: Play Tidal Pool every day to win extra Soulstones, Blessed Stone and many other rare items!



1000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x50

2000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x100, Gold x300000

5000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x150 and Blessed Stone x40

10000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x250 and Blessed Stone x100

20000 Tidal Pool Points

Blessed Stone x300, Gold x3,500,000 and Soulstone x500

Use Laser Once

Synth Scroll x250 and Card Lotto Vouchers x10 and Angelic silver x30

Use Laser 3 Times

Synth Scroll x500 and Card Lotto Vouchers x10 and Angelic silver x30

Use Laser 5 Times

Blessed Stone x100 and Card Lotto Vouchers x20


Explore New Gem Enhancement

Duration: Nov. 27 to Dec. 1 (Server Time) 
Servers: S 1 to S 629

Description: Gain enough points in Gemology to collect Gem Enhancement Stones and extra rewards!



500 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x30

1000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x50

2000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x70

5000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x100

10000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x120, Card Lotto Vouchers x10 and Angelic silver x30

20000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x500, Card Lotto Vouchers x10 and Angelic silver x30


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through Nov. 27 to Dec. 1, check them out in the in-game How Events menu now!

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