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LoA_Win Darkspirit Ram in Mount Exclusive!


Mount Exclusive

Duration: Dec 11 to Dec 13 (Server Time) 
Servers: S 1 to S 657
Take your favorite Mount with you! In the Mount Exclusive there are 3 Mounts, Reindeer, Inferno Steed and Darkspirit Ram awaiting for you! Which Mount do you want to join your world? Choose one mount and complete tasks, then you can take it into your team!

You can walk away with one mount per day in Mount Exclusive and use the Mount Bonus Card to swap an extra reward. So be careful, don’t choose a mount that you already had.

Players can get certain mount in the event after finishing the goal. 


Inferno Steed

Darkspirit Ram

Recharge 299 diamonds

Recharge 5000 diamonds

Recharge 15000 diamonds

600 devotion

Release an Auricion

Spend 9999 diamonds

Challenge 5 times in Team Arena(today)

Blitz Zodiac 10 times (today)

Sacrifice 800 Seraph's Stone


Gemology points reach 1500(today)

Sacrifice 800 Element Crystals

Erebus points reach 600(today)




-If you have got a mount from the Mount Exclusive event, you can use an Mount Bonus Card to get rewards! And what rewards you can get depends on the mount you have got.

Meet certain achievements to gain Sapphire and swap Mount Bonus Card for bonus in later event: Mount Exclusive.



Use Mount Bonus Card*1 and have got Reindeer

Soulstone x500

Use Mount Bonus Card*1 and have gotInferno Steed

Soulstone x1000 and Blessed Stone x200

Use Mount Bonus Card*1 and have gotDarkspirit Ram

Soulstone x2000 and Blessed Stone x500

Note: The bonus card can only be used after you obtain a mount from the Mount Exclusive event.
You can walk away with one mount per day in Mount Exclusive and use the Mount Bonus Card to swap an extra reward. So be careful, don’t choose a mount that you already had.

Angel's Quiz

Duration: Dec 11 to Dec 13 (Server Time) 
Servers: S 1 to S 657
- Click on the Angel's Quiz icon on the left of the game window to open the event menu.

- Each day, players can refresh the questions 10 times for free. After each refresh, three new questions will be available. Answer the questions correctly to win a large amount of Gold and Quiz Points.

- Extra refresh attempt can be obtained by using Quiz Voucher. Quiz Voucher can be purchased for Diamonds or Vouchers.

- You can earn extra Points for each correct answer by paying more Quiz Vouchers.

- If the refreshed result matches the specific Angel combos, answer all the 3 questions correctly, and extra prizes and points will be rewarded! The Angel combo can be found under the Reward tab.

Ranking Rewards:

- Daily Top 20 players who have at least 500 points will get extra Refining Stones; Daily Top 20 players who have at least 1000 points will get extra Seraph's Stones.


Basic Prize(Min Pts: 500)

Super Prize (Min Pts: 1000)


Refining Stone x500

Seraph Stone x150


Refining Stone x300

Seraph Stone x100


Refining Stone x200

Seraph Stone x80


Refining Stone x100

Seraph Stone x50

- At the end of the event, the Top 20 players who have at least 3000 total points or 8000 points will get extra rewards as follows:


Basic Prize(Min Pts: 3000)

Super Prize (Min Pts: 8000)


Blessed Stone x300

Lvl. 8 Dodge+Hit Gem x1, Lvl. 8 Hit Gem x2, Title Flair: Genius (30 Day)


Blessed Stone x200

Title Flair: Genius (7 Day), Seraph's Stone x300 and Runestone 



Blessed Stone x100

Title Flair: Genius (7 Day), Seraph's Stone x150 and Runestone 



Blessed Stone x50

Seraph's Stone x100 and Runestone x500

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through Dec 11 to Dec 13, check them out in the in-game How Events menu now!

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