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LoA_Angels' Party: Compete for Armored Rhino!


Angels' Party

Duration: Jun 24 to Jun 30

Server: S1 to S993

Description: Let's party up! Meet all your needs in Angels' Party.


Click the icon of Angels' Party you will see four parts. They are Angel Spirit, World Boss, Angel Chest, and Angel Shop.


Angel Spirit

Fight together and get great rewards here! Click Angel Spirit you will see this panel. When Angel Spirit EXP reach certain amount, all players in this server can collect the rewards.


At the same time, you can click Point Rewards Button to check your personal point rewards.


1. Angels' Party consists of 4 parts: Angel Spirit, World Boss, Angel Chest and Angel Shop.

2. Every White Feather acquired will earn a player 1 personal point and increase the Angel Spirit's EXP by 1. Every Gold Feather acquired will earn a player 2 personal points and increase the Angel Spirit's EXP by 2.

3. All Angel Spirit level rewards can be collected once daily when available.

4. Join the World Boss during the event for a chance to receive White Feather. The top 50 in World Boss ranking have a chance to receive White Feather and Gold Feather!

Can you and partners in your server reach the top level during the 7-day party? Come and try!

Angel Chest

Resources, White Feather, Gold Feather, Vitamin are waiting for you in Gift Boxes! You can randomly get one of the following items with different kind of keys.


There are 3 kinds of gift boxes. You need to collect keys to open them. You can get Normal Gift Box Key, Angelic Gift Box Key, Divine Gift Box Key through hot events or use diamonds to buy.

Angel Shop

You may ask, how to deal with the Feathers I have got? Ok, here comes a chance for you to exchange items with Feathers!


Here you can get mount Armored Rhino, Panda, Phoenix, Jade Dragon, angel Hemera, Aphrodite, Eostre, Elena, Fairy Blessed Baby, Little Snow Queen, Clothing Raven Cloak, Elvish Spring, and many more other items!

Angel Carinival  I

Duration: Jun 24 to Jun 30

Server: S1 to S993

Description: Complete daily challenges  to collect Gold Feather! 

Requirements Rewards
Consumed Diamond x1000 (today) Gold Feather x1
Consumed Diamond x3000 (today) Gold Feather x2
Consumed Diamond x5000 (today) Gold Featherx4
5000 Tidal Pool Points Gold Feather x2
10000 Gemology Points Gold Feather x2
600 Erebus Points  Gold Feather x2
Bond Angel 100 times Gold Feather x3
Challenge Eternal Spire 8 times  Gold Feather x3
Challenge Elite Battle 25 times  Gold Feather x3
Challenge Zodiac 14 times Gold Feather x3
Recharge 1000 Diamonds Gold Feather x2
550 Devotion Gold Feather x1 


Mother's Day Gift II

Duration: Jun 24 to Jun 30

Server: S1 to S993

DescriptionComplete daily challenges  to collect White Feather!

Requirements Rewards
Recharge any amount today White Feather x5
Consumed any amount today White Feather x5
500 Tidal Pool Points White Feather x10
5 Team Arena Battles White Feather x10
1,500 Gemology Points White Feather x10
2 Erebus Battles White Feather x5
Bond Angel 30 times White Feather x5
Challenge Eternal Spire 3 times White Feather x5
10 Clash of Mighty battles  White Feather x5
Challenge Zodiac 6 times White Feather x5
1% damage to World Boss White Feather x10
10 Arena battles  White Feather x5


Mother's Day Gift III

Duration: Jun 24 to Jun 30 

Server: S1 to S993

Description: Collect enough keys to open more chests!

Requirements Rewards
Devotion x100 Normal Gift Box Key x1
Devotion x200 Normal Gift Box Key x1
Devotion x300 Normal Gift Box Key x2
Devotion x400 Normal Gift Box Key x1
Devotion x500 Normal Gift Box Key x2
Devotion x600 Normal Gift Box Key x1


Angel's Blessing 

Duration: Jun 25 to Jun 27

Server: S1 to S993

Description: Singel recharge certain amount to get excellent items!

Requirements Rewards
Recharge 499 diamonds Normal Gift Box Key x10, and Rare Flaming Stone x5
Recharge 999 diamonds Normal Gift Box Key x20, and Rare Flaming Stone x10
Recharge 1,999 diamonds Angelic Gift Box Key x10, and Epic Flaming Stone x5
Recharge 3,999 diamonds Angelic Gift Box Key x20, and Epic Flaming Stone x10
Recharge 9,999 diamonds Divine Gift Box Key x10, Angelic Gift Box Key x10, and Legendary Flaming Stone x10
Recharge 29,999 diamonds Divine Gift Box Key x20, Angelic Gift Box Key x20, and Legendary Flaming Stone x20


Total Recharge Reward

Duration: Jun 24 to Jun 26

Server: S1 to S993

Description: Recharge certain amount of diamonds to get items for Angels' Party!



Total Recharge: diamond x1,500

Daric x300, Soulstone x400, and Seraph's Stone x150

Total Recharge: diamond x5,000

Daric x500, Blessed Stone x200, and Gem Enhancement Stone x800

Total Recharge: diamond x10,000

Daric x1,000, Blessed Stonex 400, Runestone x1,200, and Aegis Shard x400

Total Recharge: diamond x20,000

Daric x2,000, Elemental Crystal x2,000, Seraph's Stone x300, and Dragonsoul EXP Pack (100) x50

Total Recharge: diamond x40,000

Daric x4,000, Soulstone x2,000,Enchanted Ore x1,000, Angel Tear x100, and Lvl. 7 Fusion Gem Chest x1

Today's Gift

Duration: Jun 24 to Jun 26

Server: S1 to S993

Description: Log in everyday to collect Keys and Darics
Requirements Rewards
Log in 1 day Daric x150, and Normal Gift Box Key x2 
Log in 2 days Daric x150, Angelic Gift Box Key x1, and Normal Gift Box Key x2 
Log in 3 days Daric x150, Divine Gift Box Key x1, and Angelic Gift Box Key x2 



Duration: Jun 24 to Jun 26

Server: S1 to S993

Description: Complete daily challenges to get great rewards!



Bond with Angels 80 times

Angel Tear x30

Explore 20 times in Raiders

Soulstone x100

13 Solo Arena battles

Element Crystal x100

600 Erebus points

Gold x2,000,000

6 Team Arena battles

Dragon Crest x50

3000 Gemology points

Basic Energy Card (50) x1 

Recharge 299 diamonds Daric x200, and Angelic Gift Box Key x2

Recharge any amount

Daric x200

Spend any amount

Daric x100


All-Round Talent

Duration: Jun 24 to Jun 26

Server: S1 to S993

Description: Complete daily challenges to get rewards.



Bond Angel 30 times

Angel Tears x 15

5 Solo Arena Battles

Dragon Crest x30

Explore 15 times in Raiders

Soulstone x50

5 Team Arena Battles

Dragon Crest x30

30 Loops

Stamina x30, Daric x150, and Angelic Gift Box Key x1

300 Erebus Points

Seraphs Stone x30

500 Gemology Points

Basic Energy Card (10) x1

Get 400 points in Tidal Pool

400k Gold


Fishing Soul
Duration: Jun 24 to Jun 26

Server: S1 to S993
Description: Complete daily challenges to get rewards.



1,000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x50

2,000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x100, Gold x300,000

5,000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x150 and Blessed Stone x40

10,000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x250 and Blessed Stone x100

20,000 Tidal Pool Points

Blessed Stone x300, Gold x3,500,000 and Soulstone x500

Use Laser Once

Synth Scroll x250, Soulstone x100, Daric x100, and Normal Gift Box Key x2

Use Laser 3 Times

Synth Scroll x500, Soulstone x300, Daric x200, and Angelic Gift Box Key x2

Use Laser 5 Times

Blessed Stone x100, Soulstone x500, Daric x300, and Divine Gift Box Key x2

Explore New Gem Enhancement

Duration: Jun 24 to Jun 26

Server: S1 to S993

Description: Gain enough points in Gemology to collect Gem Enhancement Stones and extra rewards!



500 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x30

1,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x50

2,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x70

5,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x100

10,000 Points

Synth Scroll x100, Gem Enhancement Stone x150, Daric x200, and Normal Gift Box Key x2

20,000 Points

Synth Scroll x200, Gem Enhancement Stone x300, Daric x400, and Angelic Gift Box Key x2

50,000 Points

Synth Scroll x600, Gem Enhancement Stone x600, Lvl. 7 Fusion Gem Chest x1, Daric x800, and Divine Gift Box Key x2


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.
More exciting events are coming up through Jun 24 to Jun 30 (server time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu!

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