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LoA_Special Bonus for Djjinni's Merchant!


Dear players, we made some special bonus for Djjinni's Merchant.  You will see it in game later. Let's have a look here first. You can get more daric through recharging and consuming certain resources. Hope you will like it! Let's get more daric to collect Odin's Gleaming Garment and other rewards! 


Duration: Aug 4 to Aug 5 (Server TiAme)

Server: S 1 to S 1038

Description: Single recharge certain amount to get Daric and Seraph's Stone !



Single Recharge: Diamond x299

Daric x300

Single Recharge twice : Diamond x299

Daric x450, Seraph's Stone x100

Single Recharge: Diamond x499

Daric x500

Single Recharge twice: Diamond x499

Daric x750, Seraph's Stone x200

Single Recharge: Diamond x999

Daric x1000 

Single Recharge twice : Diamond x999

Daric x1500, Seraph's Stone x300

Single Recharge: Diamond x1999

Daric x2000

Single Recharge twice: Diamond x1999

Daric x3000, Seraph's Stone x400

Single Recharge: Diamond x3999

Daric x4000

Single Recharge twice : Diamond x3999

Daric x8000, Seraph's Stone x500


Duration: Aug 4 to Aug 5 (Server Time)

Server: S 1 to S 1038

Description: Consume certain resources to get the DARICS !



consumed Blessed Stone x300

Daric x100

consumed Blessed Stone x1000

Daric x400

consumed Seraph's Stone x300

Daric x100

consumed Seraph's Stone x1000

Daric x400

consumed Enchanted Ore x600

Daric x100 

consumed Enchanted Ore x2000

Daric x400

consumed Soulstone x 700

Daric x100

consumed Soulstone x 2000

Daric x400

consumed Angel Tear x 100

Daric x100

consumed Angel Tear x 300

Daric x400

consumed Element Crystal x 600

Daric x100

consumed Element Crystal x 2000

Daric x400

consumed Aegis Shard x 600

Daric x100

consumed Aegis Shard x 2000

Daric x400

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