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LoA_Navigation King: Sail Away to Seek For Treasure!


Navigation King

Duration: Aug 19 to Aug 21 (Server Time)

Server: S1 to S1053


The ancient lost land has been found in east sea. It is said that there was full of exotic treasures, and has the legendary fountain of youth which can make people live forever. All of this attracts countless people set off on their adventure. What are you waiting for? Go aboard and sail around this new world, to explore the mystical area and find your treasure!

Click the icon of Navigation king you will see four parts. They are Sail away, Bonus, Emporium, and Rules.


Sail Away

1.player can board a ship once and employ 1 mariner for free each day.
2.Spend any amount of Diamonds to automatically board a ship. Voyage will begin after the countdown finishes.
3.Spend 50 diamonds to employ one mariner immediately. The mariner can find bonus treasure for the player.Different mariners can seek for different treasures. The cost is the same, but the chance to win extra treasure differs. Choose wisely!
Deckhand:        1-star ☆
Skillful Sailor:     2-star ☆☆
Second Officer: 3-star ☆☆☆
Chief Officer:     4-star ☆☆☆☆

Captain:            5-star ☆☆☆☆☆


4.A cross-server mariner treasure hunt will also take place during the voyage.

5. Paying any amount of the boarding fee also gives pirate gold.

Then you can see this interface.

When voyage finished, you will see treasure interface. You can get pirate gold and have chance to get extra treasures.

If the mariner who finds treasure is one of the mariner selected by the player, then they will also win extra treasure at the end. For exemple: You choose 1 and 3 star mariner at first. If the wheel stops at 1 star mariner, then you will get the corresponding reward. And if you choosed 4 1-star mariner, then you can get reward x4

1 diamond ≠ 1 pirate gold. The more Boarding Fare you pay,the more Pirate Gold you will get.

Total Boarding Fare Spend Pirate Gold collected
1-200 diamonds 1:1
200-500 diamonds 1:1.5
500-1000 diamonds 1:2
1000 and above diamonds 1:3


 If it stops at this icon, It means it will 100% hitting more than one mariner.

When you got the reward. You will see this interface which you can check the log of this voyage.


1.There are Individual Perks and Total Benefits(server benefits) in this part. Items in the screenshot may differ from actual in game

2.Employing 1 mariner increase individual/world navigation EXP by 1 point.
3.Player can get rewards when reach the corresponding level.
4.There will be some bonus events when the corresponding level be reached.


In Emporium you will see Super-Shop and Star-Shop. You can use pirate gold to buy hot items . Including Silver Dragon Lord, Silver Queen, Nereida, Element Core, Cherubstone, and more! 

PS: Some items are daily limit and some are event limit.

Daily Limit: you can only buy the items for certain times each day    

Event Limit: you can only buy certain items for certain times during the event


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through Aug 19 to Aug 21 (Server Time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!

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