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LoA_Capsule Toys: Silver Dragon Lord Awaits You!


Capsule Toys

Server: S1 to S1065

Duration: Aug 30 to Sep 2 (Server time)

Description: Turn on the Vending Machine Button to get Capsule Toys which will earn you different kinds of items randomly.


Capsule Toys



1. During the event, all players get 1 free attempt daily while palyers with VIP4+ get 1 extra attempt daily.

2. The vending machine contains 50 Capsules each round. Reset the machine by clicking 1-Click Reset or simply waiting.

3. Combo requirements and rewards change after the machine resets.

4. Capsule prizes are shown in the panel while actual rewards will be placed in the reward inventory. Lock prizes for a fee to create combos.

5. For every 4 turns, players will receive a cumulative reward. Unlike combo rewards, cumulative rewards will be placed directly in the character inventory.

6. The cost for each turn is the sum of the  button turning cost and the locking fees.


1. Put your cursor on Prize Preview, you will see what's in the machine. After each reset, the items will be different.

2. Try to win more combo rewards, so that you can meet the requirement for Super Prize in Toy Shop.

Toy Achievement


You can collect rewards for your acquired Capsule Toys. The more you acquired, the better the rewards are.

Toy Shop


In Toy Shop, you can get wonderful items, Equipment, Angels, Mounts by using Gold Ticket, Silver Ticket, Bronze Ticket, and Capsule Coin. This time you can compete for Snow Queen, Fire Queen, Silver Dragon Lord, and Cinderella here! 

Reward Preview


Here you can see all Capsule Toy Rewards, Cumulative Rewards, and Combo Rewards. Let's see what you can get.

Total Recharge Reward

Duration: Aug 30 to Sep 2  (Server Time)

Server: S 1 to S 1065

Description: Cumulatively recharge during the event to get special rewards!



Total Recharge: Diamond x1,500

Lucky Capsule x5,  Card Lotto Vouchers x10, Soulstone x250, Seraph's Stone x200 

Total Recharge: Diamond x5,000

Lucky Capsule x10, Card Lotto Vouchers x20Blessed Stone x300, Gem Enhancement Stone x800, Grotto Heart x100

Total Recharge: Diamond x10,000

Lucky Capsule x15, Card Lotto Vouchers x30Seraph's Stone x350, Element Scroll x350, and Aegis Shard x500

Total Recharge: Diamond x20,000

Lucky Capsule x20, Card Lotto Vouchers x40,  , Blessed Stone x500 Spring of Wisdom x500, dragon Soul EXP Pack(1000) x200

Total Recharge: Diamond x40,000

Lucky Capsule x35, Card Lotto Vouchers x50,  Grotto Heart x1000,  Element Scroll x1500, and Lvl. 8 Fusion Gem Chest x1

Today's Gift

Duration:   Aug 30 to Sep 2 (Server time)

Server: S 1 to S 1065

Description: Log in every day to win Lucky Capsule and extra rewards!



Total Login: 1 Day

Lucky Capsule x2, Tarot Time Card x1, and Card Lotto Vouchers x5

Total Login: 2 Days

Lucky Capsule x2, and Card Lotto Vouchers x5, Stamina x30

Total Login: 3 Days

Lucky Capsule x2, Tarot Time Card x1,  and Card Lotto Vouchers x5

Total Login: 4 Days

Lucky Capsule x2, Card Lotto Vouchers x5, Stamina x30



Duration: Aug 30 to Sep 2 (Server Time)

Server: S 1 to S 1065

Description: Complete daily challenges to get great rewards!



Bond with Angels 80 times

Angel Tear x30

Explore 20 times in Raiders

Soulstone x100

13 Solo Arena battles

Element Crystal x100

600 Erebus points

Gold x2,000,000

6 Team Arena battles

Dragon Crest x50

3000 Gemology points

Basic Energy Card (50) x1

Recharge 299 diamonds or above

 Soulstone x100, Seraph's Stone x30, Adv. Card Lotto Vouchers x5, Lucky Capsule x3

Recharge any amount

Voucher x100, Lucky Capsule x1, Tarot Time Card x1, and Card Lotto Vouchers x5

Spend 1000 diamonds

 Soulstone x100, Blessed Stone x30, Adv. Card Lotto Vouchers x5, Lucky Capsule x5

Spend any amount

 Voucher x50, Lucky Capsule x1, and Card Lotto Vouchers x5


All-Round Talent

Duration: Aug 30 to Sep 2  (Server Time)

Server: S1 to S1065

Description: Complete daily challenges to get rewards.



Bond Angel 30 times

Angel Tears x 15

5 Solo Arena Battles

Dragon Crest x30

Explore 15 times in Raiders

Soulstone x50

5 Team Arena Battles

Dragon Crest x30

30 Loops

Stamina x30, Lucky Capsule x2, Card Lotto Vouchers x5

VIP4 or above

Stamina x30, Lucky Capsule x5,  Adv Card Lotto Vouchers x5

50 Loops

Lucky Capsule x3,  Card Lotto Vouchers x10

300 Erebus Points

Seraphs Stone x30

500 Gemology Points

Adv. Energy Card (10) x1

Get 400 points in Tidal Pool

400,000 Gold

Fishing Soul

Duration:  Aug 30 to Sep 2 (Server Time)

Server: S 1 to S 1065

Description: Play Tidal Pool everyday to win extra Soulstones, Blessed Stone and many other rare items!



1000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x50

2000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x100, Gold x300000

5000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x150 and Blessed Stone x40

10000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x250 and Blessed Stone x100

20000 Tidal Pool Points

Blessed Stone x300, Gold x3,500,000 and Soulstone x500

Use Laser Once

Synth Scroll x200, Soul Stone x100, Lucky Capsule x1, Card Lotto Vouchers x5

Use Laser 3 Times

Synth Scroll x300, Soul Stone x300, Blessed Stone x50, Lucky Capsule x2, Card Lotto Vouchers x5

Use Laser 5 Times

Synth Scroll x500, Soul Stone x300, Blessed Stone x150, Lucky Capsule x3, Card Lotto Vouchers x5

Explore New Gem Enhancement

Duration:  Aug 30 to Sep 2 (Server Time)

Server: S 1 to S 1065

Description: Gain enough points in Gemology to collect Gem Enhancement Stones and extra rewards!



500 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x30

1,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x50

2,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x70

5,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x100

10,000 Points

Synth Scroll x100, Gem Enhancement Stone x150, Lucky Capsule x10, Card Lotto Vouchers x5

20,000 Points

Synth Scroll x200, Gem Enhancement Stone x300, Lucky Capsule x20, Card Lotto Vouchers x10

50,000 Points

Synth Scroll x600, Gem Enhancement Stone x600, Lucky Capsule x30,  

Card Lotto Vouchers x20, and Lvl.7 Fusion Gem Chest x1

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through  Aug 30 to Sep 2 (Server Time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!

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