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LoA_Group Buy:Shopping More for Higher Discounts

Group Buy

Duration: Jan 12 to Jan 15 (server time)
Server: S1 to S1199
Group buy consists of 2 different components, diamond purchase and voucher purchase. During the event, the more players who purchase the same items, the higher discounts they can get for the items. When you first buy this item, you will get 30% percent off, which used to be 10% before,  and finally you will get up to 70% settlement if it reach certain amount of purchases at the end of the event.

This time in Group Buy, the more items you buy the higher discount you will get at the end of the event!

The items in this event include Soulstone, Element Scroll, Grotto Heart, Energy Card, Seraph's Stone, Blessed Stone, Gem Enhancement Stone, Refining Stone, Element Crystal, Runestone, Ruby Herosoul, Aegis Shard, Angel Tears, Enchanted Ore, Synth Scroll and so on.


1.During the event, the more players who purchase the same items, the higher discounts they can get for the items. The discount can be as high as 70% off.
2.If you bought an item at a higher price than the final price, the system will automatically calculate and return you the price difference after the event ends. For example, if a player has bought an item priced 3600 Diamonds, after the event, the price of this item might drop to 2000 Diamonds, he will get 1600 Diamonds back. 

3.Group Ticket can be used in the Group Buy to purchase certain items. 1 Group Ticket is worth 1 Diamond. Group Ticket can be obtained from the events Total Recharge and Today’s Gift. 
4.If the purchase involves Group Tickets, the Diamonds paid with Group Tickets will not be returned. For example, a player has bought an item priced 3600 Diamonds, with 3200 Diamonds and 400 Group Tickets, after the event, the price of this item might drop to 2000 diamonds, he will only get 1200 Diamonds back.
Tips: Group Tickets are still valid for the next Group Buy event.

Lucky Draw:
The first time each day a player buys each specific item in Group Buy, they will get a chance to draw in Lucky Draw. Prizes include Group Buy points and Vouchers. There is also an item that gives a 100% refund on the first purchase of the day!
1.Group Buy points are rewarded to players every time they make a successful purchase. These points can be used in the lottery.
2.Players choose a number from 1-999.
3.After the event, 1 lucky number will be chosen by the system. The player who has chosen the same number will win 5000 Diamonds! Those who do not win the Big Prize will receive Vouchers according to the amount of Lucky Numbers they have.  

Total Recharge Reward

Duration: Jan 17 to Jan 15 (server time)

Server: S1 to S1199

Description: Cumulatively recharge certain amount during the event to get special rewards!



Total Recharge: 

Diamond x1,500

Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x10, Group Ticket x1,000, Runestone x250, Aegis Shard x700, and Gem Enhancement Stone x700

Total Recharge: 

Diamond x5,000

Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x20, Group Ticket x2,500, Blessed Stone x200, Angel Tears x120 and Soulstone x550

Total Recharge: 

Diamond x10,000

Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x30, Group Ticket x3,500, Blessed Stone x200, Seraph's Stone x450, and Element Scroll x450

Total Recharge: 

Diamond x20,000

Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x40, Group Ticket x5,000, Seraph's Stone x600, Blessed Stone x600, and Grotto Heart x1,000

Total Recharge: 

Diamond x40,000

Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x50, Group Ticket x10,000, Angel Tears x150, Grotto Heart x3,200, and Lvl. 9 Fusion Gem Chest x1

Today's Gift

Duration:Jan 12 to Jan 15 (server time)

Server: S1 to S1199

Description: Log in every day to win Shell Point Card, Card Lotto Vouchers, Nectar, and Roses!



Total Login: 1 Day

Group Ticket x100, Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x5, and Merchant's Token x1

Total Login: 2 Days

Group Ticket x100, Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x5 and Merchant's Token x1

Total Login: 3 Days

Group Ticket x100, Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x5 and Merchant's Token x1

Total Login: 4 Days
Group Ticket x100, Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x5 and Merchant Token x1


Duration: Jan 12 to Jan 915(server time)

Server: S1 to S1199

Description: Complete daily challenges to get great rewards!



Bond with Angels 80 times

Angel Tear x30

Explore 20 times in Raiders

Soulstone x100

13 Solo Arena battles

Element Crystal x100

600 Erebus points

Gold x2,000,000

6 Team Arena battles

Dragon Crest x50

3000 Gemology points

Basic Energy Card (50) x1 

Recharge 299 diamonds Soulstone x150, Seraph's Stone x50, Group Ticket x400 and Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x15

Recharge any amount

Vouchers x100, Group Ticket x200, and Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x5
Spend 1,000 diamonds
Soulstone x150, Blessed Stone x50, Group Ticket x400, Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x10

Spend any amount

Vouchers x50, Gold x500,000, Group Ticket x200, and Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x5


All-Round Talent

Duration: Jan 12 to Jan 15  (server time)

Server: S1 to S1199

Description: Complete daily challenges to get rewards.



Bond Angel 30 times

Angel Tears x 15

5 Solo Arena Battles

Dragon Crest x30

Explore 15 times in Raiders

Soulstone x50

5 Team Arena Battles

Dragon Crest x30

30 Loops

Stamina x20, Group Ticket x100, and Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x5
30 Loops (VIP 4 or above) Stamina x20, Group Ticket x300, and Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x5
50 Loops Stamina x30, Group Ticket x150, and Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x10

300 Erebus Points

Seraphs Stone x30

500 Gemology Points

Adv. Energy Card (10) x1

Get 400 points in Tidal Pool

400k Gold


Fishing Soul

Duration: Jan 12 to  Jan 15  (server time)

Server: S1 to S1199

Description: Complete daily challenges to get rewards.



1000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x50

2000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x100, Gold x300000

5000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x150 and Blessed Stone x40

10000 Tidal Pool Points

Soulstone x250 and Blessed Stone x100

20000 Tidal Pool Points

Blessed Stone x300, Gold x3,500,000 and Soulstone x500

Use Laser Once

Synth Scroll x300, Soulstone x100, Group Ticket x200, and Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x5

Use Laser 3 Times

Synth Scroll x400, Soulstone x300, Blessed Stone x50,  Group Ticket x400, and Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x10

Use Laser 5 Times

Synth Scroll x600, Soulstone x300, Blessed Stone x150, Group Ticket x600, and Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x15

Explore New Gem Enhancement

Duration: Jan 12 to Jan 15  (server time)

Server: S1 to S1199

Description: Gain enough points in Gemology to collect Gem Enhancement Stones and extra rewards!



500 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x30

1,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x50

2,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x70

5,000 Points

Gem Enhancement Stone x100

10,000 Points

Synth Scroll x200, Gem Enhancement Stone x200, Group Ticket x300, Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x10and Tarot Time Card X1 

20,000 Points

Synth Scroll x300, Gem Enhancement Stone x400, Group Ticket x600, Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x20, and Eternal Spire Challenge Card x1

50,000 Points

Synth Scroll x600, Gem Enhancement Stone x700, Group Ticket x900, Jackpot Lotto Vouchers x50, and Lvl.7 Fusion Gem Chest x1

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through Jan 12 to Jan 15 (server time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!

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