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2016 Rio Summer Olympics games: Rose wins historic gold on golf’s Olympic return

Rose wins historic gold on golf’s Olympic return

Great Britain’s Justin Rose clinched golf gold ahead of Sweden’s Henrik Stenson in dramatic fashion, as the battle for the first Olympic title in 112 years went all the way to the 18th hole of the fourth and final round at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Capping a thrilling final round that saw the two Ryder Cup team-mates go blow for blow, Rose birdied the last to win the title by two strokes from the Swede. Giving his reaction after carding a final round four-under-par 67 to enter golfing and Olympic history, the jubilant British player said: “Olympic champion? That has a cool ring to it! The medal ceremony was surreal. I’ve watched many on TV. I never thought I’d be involved in one. Honestly, this is just a dream come true. I’ve been thinking about Rio for a long, long time. It is just crazy, just so good.”

Sparing a word for his Swedish opponent, Rose added: “I was in a great fight with Henrik, a good friend of mine, and it took world class golf to win today, so I am very proud of the achievement and I’ve just got to let it all soak in now.” 

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