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Video Games: Top 10 Most Disgusting Enemies in Video Games

Top 10 Most Disgusting Enemies in Video Games


In celebration of some of the medium's most repulsive creations, we thought we'd take a good, hard (and occasionally regretful) look at gaming's most disgusting enemies, from minor monsters to its most sickening bosses.

10. Boomer - Left 4 Dead (2008)


Boomers are nausea incarnate. One of several Special Infected in the Left 4 Dead universe, these hulking, boil-infested undead are usually detectable from afar thanks to their constant groans of bile-induced queasiness. But notice them too late, and you’ll be showered in a green, oozy vomit right before one of your teammates bursts them right open with a shotgun.

9. The Master - Fallout (1997)


One of the primary antagonists of the original Fallout, The Master looks more like roadkill than the creator and leader of a race of super mutants. By the time the Vault Dweller encounters him, he’s a biomechanical nightmare: a mass of stretched flesh fused with the electronic equipment of his gore-filled lair, with eyeballs where they shouldn’t be and ribbed tubes jutting out of his sinewy, mutated remains. Body horror at its finest.

8. Asphyxia - Silent Hill: Homecoming (2008)


The Silent Hill universe is full of disturbing creatures borne out of the minds of its many troubled protagonists. While most of them are downright horrifying with the right context, Asphyxia needs no explanation to revolt onlookers. From the moment she slithers out of the fleshy hole in the Otherworld penitentiary's wall, this multi-limbed, human centipede-esque monstrosity has earned her place as one of Silent Hill’s grossest enemies.

7. Bloater - The Last of Us (2013)


Zombies are gross, but there’s something particularly nasty about the cordycep-infected creatures of The Last of Us, with their molded skin and fungus-sprouted heads. Bloaters are the final stage of this parasitic evolution, a scarred giant covered in blooming growths. One of its most annoying and disgusting attacks: ripping sacks of toxins off of itself and bombing the player with them, covering the arena in a cloud of noxious spores.

6. Infested Corpse - Dark Souls 3 (2016)


The Reanimated Corpses that wander the Cathedral of the Deep’s graveyard are like dumber, weaker Hollows, making them prime targets for easy grinding early in the game. But among the hordes of pale undead are the Infested Corpses, which appear to be normal, zombie-like creatures until, from their chests, bursts a second, sentient mass of writhing maggots. The growth has a mind of its own, creeping forward with its worm-covered arms and swiping (sometimes spewing) hundreds of the squirming larvae all over the player.