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Video Games: Top 10 Most Disgusting Enemies in Video Games(2)

5. Clotho - God of War II (2007)


The towering, worm-like Clotho — a sickly, multi-armed mass of pallid skin, dotted with boils and bone-like growths — is a sight to behold. From the waist up (her first waist), she doesn’t seem like much: an immobile, greying goddess that can only swing her spindly, tumor-speckled arms at Kratos before he impales her head with a suspended blade. But from top to bottom, this humanoid silkworm is an overwhelming monstrosity.

4. William Birkin (5th Form) - Resident Evil 2 (1998)


The Umbrella Corporation has produced its share of horrors, but few come close to the repulsive blob of gore that is William Birkin’s fifth tyrant form. After injecting himself with the G-virus, this scrawny scientist goes from a hulking, bipedal bioweapon (iconic eyeball sprouting from his enlarged shoulder), across several stages of monstrosity before finally mutating into what we see here: a slimy, betentacled pile of veiny flesh and bone, all centered around a sarlacc-like cavity framed by rows of compact tusks and eyes.

3. Guardian - Dead Space (2008)


Dead Space is full of disgusting necromorphs of all shapes and sizes, but the Guardians are one of the most repulsive varieties. These immobile monstrosities look like a tangle of entrails smeared on a wall. With their extremities atrophied into nothing and a flurry of tentacle-like appendages bursting from their enlarged thorax, the only thing recognizably human left is their face, stretched in agony above a gaping chest cavity. They also expel a mutated, embryo-like creatures from a bloody orifice (one of them) as self-defense. It’s hard to believe it can get grosser than these guys.

2. Lepotica - Resident Evil 6 (2012)


What sets the slimy, split-faced Lepotica apart from the rest of Resident Evil’s repulsive horrors is the cluster of gaping sacs that make up its bloated torso. This thing is a trypophobe’s worst nightmare. Its oversized pores spew toxic gases that kill and reanimate anyone nearby, opening and closing in rhythmic bursts in the process. As if that wasn’t disgusting enough, it can also open its face up like the dog from The Thing, turning its head into a flower of gore as it attempts to attack the player.

1. Brain of Mensis - Bloodborne (2015)


Next to the rest of the enemies on this list, The Brain of Mensis poses the smallest threat, but we’d be lying to ourselves if we said it wasn’t the most disgusting thing we’ve ever encountered in a game. Like an enlarged head of a Winter Lantern, the Brain of Mensis (or Mother Brain) is a quaking mass of decaying tissue, bulging eyeballs of all sizes lodged on every side of its shapeless mass, wiry black hairs, crooked tendrils, and other miscellaneous gore sprouting out every which way. The fibrous stem that hangs off one end is covered in sac-like growths and, in the dark stillness of the void, you can hear its slimy pulsing. Bloodborne is brimming with grotesque sights (and sounds), but when it comes to the most disgusting creature in the game (and in general), the Mother Brain takes the very bloody cake.