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2016 Rio Summer Olympics games: Week two brings new sport experiences to Rio 2016

Week two brings new sport experiences to Rio 2016

While athletics takes centre stage during the second week of Rio 2016, those fans who fancy a more hands-on experience can take advantage of a number of different interactive sport experiences at various Games venues.

A total of 15 International Federations (IFs) are offering activities to give Olympic Games fans a taste of the competitions and this week, those with tickets for the canoeing events will get the chance to take the paddle.

Following the success of the rowing activities offered during the first week of the Games at Lagoa, there will be similar opportunities for those wishing to try their hand at canoe sprint during week two.

Between 300 and 400 people tried rowing on each competition day, and there were also special coupons available for young people to take to their local rowing club across Brazil, with the bonus of free membership up to the age of 13.

Sheila Stephens Desbans, World Rowing Federation (FISA) Development Manager, said: “The Brazilian Rowing Federation in coordination with Rio 2016 and World Rowing have had a very successfully sports experience initiative. The venue allowed spectators who were coming in to watch racing to try out rowing on either a rowing machine or a water tank. We think that this type of grassroots sports initiative combined with an Olympic experience is very special – we have heard of some other great ideas from the other sports and really hope this leaves a good legacy for Rio and Brazil with its active population.”