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LoA_Djinni's Merchant:Time to Gain More Totems


Djinni's Merchant

Duration: April. 21 to April. 23 (server time)

Server: S1 to S1299

Description: Buy items with Darics from the Djinni's Merchants for a discounted price. The discount can be up to 70% off.

This time a variety of totems are added in Djinni's Merchant. Seize the chance to get more totems!

Immortal Guard Totem, Accursed Totem, Spiritsoul Totem, Divine Totem, Sanctuary Totem, Arachinid Totem, Spirit Essence, Khaos Core, Lvl. 8 Superior Gem Chest, Purgatory Soul, Adv. Energy Card(50 Pts) and more will be waiting for you! Come on! The more you buy, the higher the discount will be!

- Daric can be obtained from Hot Events, or exchanging Diamonds or Vouchers at a 1:1 rate.

- Click the “Refresh” button for a chance to buy different discounted items. The commodities include Lvl. 1 Brooky Glorystone, Lvl. 8 Common Gem Chest, Lvl. 7 Superior Gem ChestLvl. 7 Common Gem Chest, Energy Vitamin, Legendary Exp Totem Chest, Rare Exp Totem Chest, Purgatory Soul, Grotto Heart, Energy Card, Enchanted Ore, Element ScrollBlessed Stone, Soulstone, Seraph's Stone, Gem Enhancement Stone, Element Crystal, Aegis Shard, Refining Stone, Runestone, Angel Tears, Gold, and many more.

This time slight changes are made in the reward list. Different forms for better game experience! More bonus are waiting for you in game!

- The remaining Daric can be used in future events.


Daric Bargain

Duration: April 22 to April 23 (server time)

Server: S1 to S1299

Description:Recharge and consume diamonds to buy Darics with a huge discount!

Requirements Rewards
Total Recharge 1,000 Diamonds today and spend 400 to buy 500 Darics (3 times) Daric x500
Total Recharge 4,000 Diamonds today and spend 1,200 to buy 2,000 Darics (3 times) Daric x2,000
Total Recharge 10,000 Diamonds today and spend 3,500 to buy 6,000 Darics (3 times) Daric x6,000
Total Recharge 20,000 Diamonds today and spend 6,000 to buy 12,000 Darics (3 times) Daric x12,000
Consumed 1,000 Diamonds and spend 400 to buy 500 Darics (5 times) Daric x500
Consumed 4,000 Diamonds and spend 1,200 to buy 2,000 Darics (5 times) Daric x2,000
Consumed 10,000 Diamonds and spend 3,000 to buy 6,000 Darics (5 times) Daric x6,000
Consumed 20,000 Diamonds and spend 5,500 to buy 12,000 Darics (5 times) Daric x12,000

Daric Bomb

Duration: April 21 (server time)
Server: S1 to S1299

Description: Complete daily challenges to get rewards.

Requirements Reward
Bond Angel 30 times
Daric x100
5 Solo Arena Battles
Daric x100
Explore 15 times in Raiders
Daric x100
5 Team Arena Battles
Daric x100
50 Loops
Daric x100
300 Erebus Points
Daric x100
500 Gemology Points
Daric x100
Get 400 points in Tidal Pool
Daric x100
Kill 3 basic Monster in Element zone Daric x100

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

More exciting events are coming up through April. 20 to April. 26 (server time). Check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!

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