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Magerealm_FB Event: PS Competition


Olympics is coming. The warriors in Magerealm are willing to join in the Games as well! Use Olympics as theme and photoshop any of the character/angel/hero/NPC in game. Participate in the contest by posting your art work on our Fan Page before August 11th, 2016. There will be a unique chance to win 2000 Realmgem FOR FREE! 

By August 12th, 2016,our staff will pick out the best 5 art work and start a poll on Fan Page. The artwork with most likes in 3 days will be the winner, but there will be rewards for all participants!


-1stwinner:Realmgem x2000

-2ndwinner: Realmgem x1000

-3rd-5thwinner: Realmgem x500

- All participants:Realmgem x100


Thank you for your participation and good luck!


>>Click here to join<<


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