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Known as the Great Defender byother Angels, Casirae always puts the lives of others before her own. On thebattlefield, Casirae is most often seen defending her comrades and tending tothe wounded while under fire. If given the chance to strike a fatal blow to anenemy or save an ally, she would choose the latter every time. This has earnedher many life long friends, but also criticism for her soft nature.

In Magerealm Casirae is a defensive orientated Angel.With her Carapace skill, she can create a shield on her entire team thatabsorbs a significant amount of damage while greatly boosting their Defense andPierce Rate. If you find your team lacking in defense or need to survivethrough a particularly challenging area, then Casirae is the perfect addition.User her carapace to keep your team alive through even the most deadlyonslaughts.

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