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Magerealm_Realm Giveback! Get FREE Wings!



5:00 Mar.2nd - 5:00 Mar.7th




Requirement Rewards
Complete Ladder fight 20 times during the event
Wings: Ares
Complete Duel fight 10 times during the event
Wings: Gracious
Complete Snatchers fight 20 times during the event
Wings: Glisten
Complete Trial 6 times during the event
Wings: Satan
Complete World BOSS 3 times during the event
Wings: Celeste
Complete Storyline quests 30 times during the event
Wings: Inferno

Complete Egg Hunt 10 times &

Complete Queen Maze 10 times &

Complete Crucible Of Angel 5 times &

Evil Banisher Maze 5 times dring the event

Wings: Grace

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