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Magerealm_Tempest Knight



The Tempest Knights are an ancient order of warriors that are renowned throughout the Realm for their terrifying efficiency in combat. A single Tempest Knight is said to be able to match the strength of 50 soldiers. By request of the Mage Council, this elite force has recently joined the fight against evil and will undoubtedly prove to be a powerful ally in the war.

Tempest Knights are selected at birth and go through rigorous training from an early age. Very few make it past this stage, making the Tempest Knights a small and exclusive order known to only produce the finest warriors. When Tempest knights-in-training reach adulthood, they are sent into the frigid northern lands and put to the ultimate test against the harsh climate and hostile natives. Nature is at its cruelest in the wild, frozen barrens, but only those with the strength and fortitude to overcome this challenge will be worthy of joining the order. When, or if they return, these warriors will have earned the right to be a Tempest Knight. Each Knight is given a set of their iconic Frostwolf armor and receive further training in anti-magic techniques.

Tempest Knight is an offensive powerhouse on the battlefield. His charge allows him to jump straight into the action and stun key targets for his team. As he takes damage, he becomes more powerful, making him even more deadly as a fight progesses. Tempest Knight’s passive ability to dispel beneficial effects with regular attacks is a unique and strategic tool. Any enemy that relies on buffs is a prime target for Tempest Knight. Finally, Tempest Knight will enrage when struck with an otherwise fatal blow, preventing death for the moment and gaining powerful buffs to let him get back into the fight. Never count Tempest Knight out of a fight, as he can easily turn the tide of a battle.


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