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Known as the Horned Angel, Capricora is by far the most ambitious of the Angels. With her iconic Goat-head staff, many often mistake her for something other than an Angel at first glance. But in truth, Capricora is one of the greatest assets the Angels have to offer, and her arrival has been a great blessing during these dark times. A natural born leader, Capricora rose through the ranks to become one of the greatest commanders the Angels have ever produced. Her tactical prowess have been proven time and time again, achieving impossible victories on the battlefield. Capricora’s ability to assess any situation and make the toughest decisions have made her a cold but effective leader.

While her unwavering determination often puts her at arms with others, none can question her intentions. Capricora has no patience for those who lack discipline and ambition, and she expects only the best from those around her. Those who incur Capricora’s wrath will find themselves with her full undivided attention.

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