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Magerealm_Mechmaiden's Birthday Party


Mechmaiden's Birthday Party

December 8th is Mechmaiden's 20th birrthday. She will hold a tremendous party in the magic Oakland.  If you succeed in winning her favor, you will get a chance to recruit her as your battle mate. Come on and attend Mechmaiden's birthday party with us!


Mechmaiden's Evolved skill unlocks at Siphon lvl.13:

Ultimate Skill(Energy Armor)
When you get hurt, there is a 30% chance to  trigger Energy Armor, which can protect yourself from any damage, lasting 2 seconds.






Reach 499 pts in Mage Poker per day
Hero Inherit Potion*10
Complete Egg Hunt 4 times per day
Hero Inherit Potion*10
Complete Evil Banisher once per day
Hero Inherit Potion*10
Recharge 4,000 Diamonds in total daily
Hero Inherit Potion*20
Spend 1500 Hero badges and 1000 diamonds to recruit Mechmaiden
Summon Card - Mechmaiden*1


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